Dă(The) Forum

We don't want to take the spotlight on us in a very special day for our friend, Steve, so we decided to open our forum in advance.
After almost 6 months of hard work and involvement of youth in these projects we went BIG - we have a FORUM.
Our friends want to know more about us, to talk with us and to understand why we dedicated so much in such activities.
Everybody can enter and start new topics, here is the place: http://tineretbuzau.forumz.ro/


unouhoiam said...

ok...but...here is a problem:) we can 't understand..is in romanian....we want know everything not just the "guest":-@ is very bad for u ...like one black ball...if u don't want say something...just don't say but please don't write in romanian ...this forum is for all...for us...but we can't understand:> beutifull...if u will delete my comment i will know what to do next;)

Anonymous said...

Grea alege pentru admin... romanii nu dau black ball unui forum in care semenii lor isi fac cunoscute proiectele

nick said...

uuuu is an very nice idea...respects:)

Anonymous said...

i like u're ngo...and u're forum is the real part ...some topics are:> very very nice...thanks...for alll of this informations